Refund Policy

1.Ordered but not yet shipped

If you have ordered, but the product is still in “pending” status, you can use the buyer backstage to use the message function to leave us a message, or send us an email to cancel the order, the email address is: [email protected]. We are from Monday to Saturday Your order will be cancelled on the same day, and no problems will be dealt with on weekends.

2.Ordered and sent

Usually your order will be shipped within three days. If you apply to cancel the order and the tracking information shows that it has not been sent abroad, we can try to contact the logistics provider to intercept the package, but we do not guarantee that the interception will be successful. If the interception is successful, we will refund you, but we need to charge a handling fee of about $8.

3.Ordered and delivered

If the order is delivered successfully and you have not opened the package (to ensure the integrity of the package). Customers need to send the products back to China. We do not bear any freight and other costs. We will check the package and give a refund within three days. At the same time, we will charge a refund handling fee of approximately US$8.

4.delivered and Unpack

If you receive the package and open the bag, if it is not a quality problem, we will not refund you. If there is a missing part, we will resend it for you as soon as possible, but we will check the shipping weight to verify the authenticity of the missing part to ensure that you don’t want to get the part for free.

5.Missing Parts and PF can’t work

If the parts are lost, please don’t worry, we suggest you to construct other steps first, and finally send the lost parts to us, and we will resend it for you as soon as possible. It is worth noting that you need to mark the missing part in the manual and take a photo and send it to us so that we can confirm the part.

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